Advance Vehicle Powers range of power management accessories complement any electrical system

DC/DC Converters

The Studer MDC and MDCI ranges of DC-DC converters are used to step up or step down a DC voltage.

Charge Splitters

Cristec MOSFET splitters allow separate battery banks to be charged from a source without the battery banks being electrically 'visible' to each other.

Voltage Sensitive Relays

Studer MBR battery separators are microprocessor controlled voltage sensitive relays.

Mains Power Chargers

The Cristec Mains Power Charger Unit is ideal for vehicles, trailers and caravans that use mains power when available.

Battery Monitoring

Battery monitors are an essential piece of equipment for vehicles that rely on batteries as a source of stored energy for 'service' functions.

Power Management Downloads

Download user datasheets & user manuals.