Vehicle Power Systems

Panther vehicle generators provide a professional solution for power on the go. These ultra-lightweight, powerful generators are supplied in multi-stage sound-proof capsules, making them extremely quiet and compact.

Diesel Vehicle Generators

Panther diesel vehicle generators are available in a range of outputs from 6kVA to 18kVA. Each vehicle generator is supplied with a fan-cooled radiator for roof top or side mounting.

Panther diesel generators use Lombardini water-cooled diesel engines for smooth running and low weight. Lombardini engines feature aluminium engine blocks and FOCS fuel injection technology. The benefits to you are low weight and low emissions (Tier 4 / EU Stage 111A).

The electrical output comes from the use of high quality electrical alternators and there are two choices available; skew cut brushless synchronous and Permanent Magnet.

The brushless synchronous alternators make the generator slightly longer in some cases and slightly heavier but they are lower in price. They produce an excellent sine wave which has been successfully employed on outside broadcast vehicles using the latest technology High Definition TV transmission uplinks.

Our range of PMG (permanent magnet generator) diesel generators has the important feature that they are generally shorter and lighter than the synchronous version. This is helpful when a powerful generator needs to fit in a small location. The output from our PMG generators is also very clean.

Each vehicle generator features a watercooled primary exhaust muffler mounted inside the sound capsule, high temperature rated engine wiring harness with silicon heat sleeves and a unique engine driven centrifugal water pump. The sound capsule has multiple layers of high density type sound insulation making the generator extremely quiet when running.



Fan Cooled Radiators

Each Panther vehicle generator comes complete with a lightweight fan cooled radiator. Developed in conjunction with a renowned manufacturer of racing car radiators, the radiators have a deep lightweight aluminium core keeping vehicle weight to a minimum - only 17kg.

The radiator is fitted with two large diameter fans, reducing the need for higher fan speeds and keeping noise to a minimum. Each fan is commanded to operate at different temperature levels ensuring noise is kept to minimum.

The package is encapsulated in a gloss white UV resistant ABS cowling. The fans are able to run independently of the generator so when the generator is switched off, temperature rise of the cooling water is reduced.

Our Vehicle Generator Package

Each vehicle generator comes complete with:

  • Water-cooled muffler in sound capsule, mounted on anti-vibration feet

  • Remote control panel with 15m harness featuring start, stop, run hours, load meter and over temp/low oil shutdown indicator

  • Lightweight fan-cooled radiator for rooftop or side mounting on anti-vibration mounts, with power supply and white UV resistant ABS cowling and roof hose connectors

Installation Kit

We can also supply an installation kit including:

  • Fuel supply kit with connectors, hoses, filter and stop valve

  • Mains power kit with source selector switch, enclosure with RCD and MCB, 10 meters of flexible mains cable

  • External exhaust silencer with flexible metal hose and connectors


The Vehicle Generator Range

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ModelkWRPMEngine Spec
6000630002 Cyl 505cc
9000930002 Cyl 686cc
140001430003 Cyl 1028cc
180001830004 Cyl 1372cc
65006.515003 Cyl 1028cc
85008.515004 Cyl 1372cc
9000 PMG930002 Cyl 686cc
12000 PMG1230003 Cyl 1028cc
9000 V9Variable2 Cyl 686cc
12000 V12Variable3 Cyl 1028cc

* continuous rating at 230V supplying consumers with a power factor of 1.0



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