Vehicle Charge Splitters

Cristec MOSFET splitters allow separate battery banks to be charged from a source, such as a battery charger or engine alternator, without the battery banks being electrically 'visible' to each other. Splitters act as electronic 'non-return valves' for DC power flow and MOSFET type are the most efficient technology available with essentially zero volt-drop.

Simple, Efficient and Reliable

The MOSFET Charge Splitter is the latest technology available and supersedes original Schottky Diode technology which suffers from high voltage drop across the input to output. Now, using MOSFET technology means our modern range of charge splitters are simple to fit and require no operator input. They operate automatically and they have no volt drop at normal operating parameters and insignificant volt drop at full current delivery. They are the most efficient choice for straightforward charge distribution.

Studer Voltage Sensitive Relays

Studer MBR battery separators are microprocessor controlled voltage sensitive relays. The VSR is installed between a ‘primary’ and a ‘secondary’ battery. When the primary is being charged from a charger or an alternator, the VSR automatically connects it to the other batteries in parallel. Whenever the charging process is interrupted, the relay automatically disconnects the two batteries, thus electrically isolating them. This prevents one of them being depleted by consumers connected to the other. The process includes time delays to prevent relay chatter from momentary volt drops and allows them to work in both directions.

They create insignificant voltage drop and have a special feature that they can also protect against any overvoltage which may damage sensitive devices.


The Cristec MOSFET Charge Splitter Range

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Model No.of Inputs/Outputs Current Rating (A)
RCE/100/1E-2IG 1 / 2 100
RCE/100/1E-3IG 1 / 3 100
RCE/100/2E-3 2 / 3 100
RCE/150/1E-2IG 1 / 2 150
RCE/150/1E-3IG 1 / 3 150
RCE/180/1E-2IG 1 / 2 180
RCE/180/1E-3IG 1 / 3 180
RCE/200/1E-3IG 1 / 3 200


The Studer MBR Voltage Sensitive Relay Range

To view Datasheets & Manuals, click on the Downloads tab above.

Model Current Rating (A) RemoteContact Control
MBR 12/24-100 100 No
MBR 12/24-160 160 Yes
MBR 12/24-500 500 Yes


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MOSFET Splitters

Cristec RCE Series Datasheet
Cristec RCE Splitter With 1 Input And 2 Ouput Manual
Cristec RCE Splitter With 1 Input And 3 Ouput Manual

Studer Voltage Sensitive Relays

Studer MBR Series Datasheet
Studer MBR Series User Manual

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