Vehicle Battery Monitors

Battery monitors are an essential piece of equipment for vehicles that rely on batteries as a source of stored energy for 'service' functions. Batteries that are excessively depleted will suffer from early failure and result in expensive unnecessary replacement. A battery monitor is like a sophisticated fuel gauge for battery energy, making sure you don't flatten the battery before recharging.

Accurate Monitoring for Battery System Reliability

The battery monitor systems use a sophisticated algorithm to measure the State of Charge of a battery (SoC). The true SoC is based on the rested voltage of a battery but when a battery is being used and then charged, voltage is not accurate enough as a measurement of charge status. These monitors use a microprocessor that dynamically applies Peukerts law with voltage, temperature and current flow to accurately establish the correct State of Charge.

The Studer SBM-02 is a stand-alone monitoring system that can be connected into any battery bank to provide SoC information for that bank. It also has the facility to measure the voltage of one other battery (like an engine start battery).

The Cristec JBNUM II is also a stand-alone monitoring system which is supplied with one shunt to monitor one battery bank. It can be fitted with two extra shunts to fully monitor two other separate battery banks. It also can measure the voltage of an auxiliary battery bank - in fact it has the facility to measure two separate 'auxiliary' batteries.

The BSP 500 and 1200 are monitoring modules which are part of the Studer Xtender system and are used in conjunction with an Xtender. They monitor one battery bank.


The Studer and Cristec Battery Monitor Range

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Model Brand Battery Banks Monitored Aux. Battery Monitored Volt Range (VDC) Maximum Current (A)
SBM-02 Studer 1 Yes - 1 12 - 24 500
JBNUM II Cristec up to 3 Yes - 2 12 - 24 500
BSP 500 Studer 1 No 12 - 24 500
BSP 1200 Studer 1 Yes - 1 12 - 24 1200

Each battery monitoring system measures the following parameters:

Battery Voltage (V)
Current (A)
Consumed Ampere-hours (Ah)
State-of-charge (%)
Time-to-go (h:m)
Temperature (°C or °F)

The Cristec JBNUM II is supplied with one shunt to monitor one battery bank; two other shunt kits can be purchased to monitor 2 more.



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Battery Monitors

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