Vehicle Battery Charger

Advance Vehicle Power is the UK distributor for the full range of battery chargers from Cristec. The ranges offer units with outputs from 3A up to 120A. Cristec and Studer battery chargers use modern high frequency switchmode power control and provide a 3-stage charge regime to quickly charge and then maintain a battery bank in a good fully charged condition.

High Performance, Sophisticated Battery Charging

All these battery chargers feature fully-automatic 3 or 5-stage charging and can be left permanently connected to the batteries to maintain their charge. These state-of-the-art chargers can accept a wide input power supply range, they have PFC (power factor correction) and modern HF (high frequency) switchmode technology to increase performance and efficiency.

The NEW Cristec YPOWER battery chargers features high quality power electronics for optimum performance at high temperatures and for silent operation.

Cristec chargers can also be connected in parallel to increase the charge output and unusually, you can connect two different sized Cristec YPOWER or two CPS3 chargers to a battery bank and they will work together perfectly.


Cristec Battery Charger Range

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Model Charge Output (A) Voltage No. of Outputs
CPS70-1A 6 12 1
CPS140-1A 12 12 1
YPOWER 12-16 16 12 3
YPOWER 12-25 25 12 3
YPOWER 12-40 40 12 3
YPOWER 12-60 60 12 3
HPOWER 12-90 90 12 3
CPS70-2A 6 24 1
CPS120-2A 12 24 1
YPOWER 24-12 12 24 3
YPOWER 24-20 20 24 3
YPOWER 24-30 30 24 3
HPOWER 24-45 45 24 3
HPOWER 24-60 60 24 3
HPOWER 24-80 120 80 1
HPOWER 24-100 100 80 1
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