Rolls S12-230AGM 12 Volt Battery

Rolls S12-230AGM 12 Volt Battery

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Vehicle AGM Batteries

When using batteries as a source of stored power for service functions, you need to consider they will be subject to different operational regimes than when used as a vehicle engine start battery. AGM technology from Rolls has proven to be very tolerant of excessive discharge and has very high performance and long life.

High Performance and Long Life

Rolls AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) 12 volt deep cycle VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries featuring high reserve capacity, long cycle life and low internal resistance. They are the smart choice for demanding professional, recreational and off-grid deep discharge applications. Designed and built differently than automotive starting batteries, Rolls batteries use more lead, heavier plates and other proprietary materials enabling them to deliver more power and capacity over many life cycles like heavy duty traction batteries and yet they also have superb engine cranking capabilities like starting batteries. Rolls AGM batteries are able to survive very deep discharge with excellent recovery, are maintenance free and do not vent gas in normal operation. They are ideal for use in enclosed environments like vehicles and remote cabins.

Real Results Prove the Cost Benefits

The Rolls battery range is perfectly designed for our mobile power systems duties. The fact Rolls batteries make excellent start batteries and yet also serve very well as deep discharge traction batteries appears to be a contradiction in traditional battery terms. This is possible because they employ VRLA technology with very high grade lead paste and advanced AGM grid plate designs. Essentially what this does is ensure that the discharge process which produces the electricity and results in the change from lead to lead sulphate is efficiently reversed in the recombination process that we know of as re-charging. We have many examples of Rolls AGM batteries suffering total depletion on stored vehicles and recovering fully with no measurable damage.


Capacity - 210 Ah

Dimensions - 530x209x218

Weight - 61Kg