Studer MDC 2412-30 DC/DC Converter

Studer MDC 2412-30 DC/DC Converter


The MDC type DC/DC converters are used, depending on the model, either to step up or to step down a DC voltage.

The MDC 2412-30 model can also be used to charge a battery.

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Vehicle DC-DC Converters

The Studer MDC and MDCI ranges of DC-DC converters are used to step up or step down a DC voltage, depending on model. Some of the units can also be used to charge one battery bank from another, in the same way as using a modern two stage charge cycle. The DC-DC converter output is stable regardless of input voltage changes and can be used as a power supply to produce a stable DC voltage without a nominal input change.

Isolated or Non-Isolated and Power Supplies

The DC-DC Converter comes in two versions, isolated or non-isolated. On the non-isolated version, the negative connection is continuous through the unit. On the isolated version there is no continuous connection at all between input and output - it is galvanically isolated. Our DC-DC Converters have the added feature that they produce a stable output voltage. If the supply voltage was to drop due to the battery becoming discharged, the output voltage remains correct (the converter is transferring power). So, critical devices do not start to misbehave or switch off when engines are started - they work as long as is technically possible. The benefit of stable output voltage can be enjoyed even without stepping the voltage up or down; we supply same voltage units e.g. 12/12 or 24/24 for the purpose of simply providing a stable power supply.


Input Voltage (VDC) - 20-35

Output Voltage (VDC) - 13.8

Output Current (A) - 30

Rated Power (W) - 415