Studer MBR 12/24-500

Studer MBR 12/24-500


The Studer MBR range of battery separators are microprocessor controlled. They first charge the main battery, from a charger or an alternator, then the other batteries by connecting them in parallel.

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Studer Voltage Sensitive Relays

Studer MBR battery separators are microprocessor controlled voltage sensitive relays. The VSR is installed between a ‘primary’ and a ‘secondary’ battery. When the primary is being charged from a charger or an alternator, the VSR automatically connects it to the other batteries in parallel. Whenever the charging process is interrupted, the relay automatically disconnects the two batteries, thus electrically isolating them. This prevents one of them being depleted by consumers connected to the other. The process includes time delays to prevent relay chatter from momentary volt drops and allows them to work in both directions.

They create insignificant voltage drop and have a special feature that they can also protect against any overvoltage which may damage sensitive devices.


Current Rating (A) - 500

RemoteContact Control - Yes