Cristec YPOWER 12-40 4D

Cristec YPOWER 12-40 4D


CRISTEC mains-power units combine in a single cabinet the AC circuit protection and a battery charger.  The complete system meets the European on-going rules. Compact and lightweight, it provides practical entry for the cabling that reduces mounting time.

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Vehicle Mains Power Charger Units

The Mains Power Charger Unit is unique in that it offers a single mains distribution box containing a pre-wired protection RCD, a row of MCBs for power distribution and a Cristec YPOWER grade battery charger. Simply install, connect mains, DC cable to the service battery and outlets to the MCBs and you have a complete AC and DC supply system installed.

Easy to Install Mains Distribution with Sophisticated Battery Charging

The Cristec Mains Power Charger Unit is ideal for vehicles, trailers and caravans that use mains power when available (hooked-up) and only require DC power for lights and pumps when on the road.

The Mains Power Charger Units are available in a range of charger outputs and MCB quantities to suit different battery banks and mains distribution needs.

The internal Cristec battery charger uses modern high frequency switchmode power control, which provides a 3-stage charge regime to quickly charge and then maintain a battery bank in a good fully charged condition.

The state-of-the-art internal charger can accept a wide input power supply range, have PFC (power factor correction) and modern HF (high frequency) switchmode technology to increase performance and efficiency. Rotary switch programming allows you to select the right charge curve for the battery type you have and all have 3 independent outputs (2 for the 10A unit) to charge separate battery banks such as the service battery and the engine start battery - ideal for vehicles kept in storage for long periods.


Charge Output (A) - 40

No. of Outputs - 3

No. of MCBs - 4