Studer MBC 24-03/1

Studer MBC 24-03/1


Studer MBC chargers enable battery charging from an AC voltage supply source. These chargers are watertight (IP65), and therefore especially suitable for outdoor applications.

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Vehicle Battery Chargers

Advance Vehicle Power is the UK distributor for the full range of battery chargers from Studer. The ranges offer units with outputs from 3A up to 32A. Studer battery chargers use modern high frequency switchmode power control and provide a 3-stage charge regime to quickly charge and then maintain a battery bank in a good fully charged condition. Designed for lower charge rates and hostile environments; their cases are waterproof (IP65 rated) making them ideal for mounting onto vehicles in exposed locations.


Voltage - 24V

Charge Output (A) - 3

No. of Outputs - 1